Equestrian Author Spotlight Podcast

Episode 38: On Author Growth, Finding Your Voice & Publishing Possibilities with Mary Kit Caelsto

June 24, 2020

Episode 38: Welcome to the Equestrian Author Spotlight podcast! In each episode, you’ll hear inspirational stories from horse book authors including writing advice and marketing tips to help you write your own horse book. If you are an author, aspire to be an author, or simply love horse books then you are in the right place!

In this week's episode, you'll meet Women's Fiction and Fantasy Author Mary Kit Caelsto. You'll learn ...

  • How she helps fellow authors grow by mentoring them through the process of going from manuscript to publication.
  • Why it's healthy to break the mold, bring your unique point of view to your stories, and write what speaks to you, so readers can discover what speaks to them.
  • About her experience with both traditional and independent publishing and her advice on how to navigate different publishing possibilities.
  • And MUCH more!

Website: https://marykitcaelsto.com/

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